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Lulu La Ru - Not just for children and not just for Step-Mums

Updated: May 7

Lulu La Ru is based on my own family experiences and that of being a Step-Mum, however I believe the audience for the books extends beyond blended families or those with Step-Mums. Feedback to date has suggested that children and women alike can relate to and enjoy the humorous tales within. The stories touch on universal themes such as the challenges of preparing politically-correct, healthy, nutritious school lunches, dealing with the chaos children create and navigating the intricacies of school gate politics. I wanted children from all sorts of families to read these funny stories and realise that, whether they had a Step-Mum or not, family life was much the same. I hope that my book will not only entertain but will also help to normalise families with Step-Mums. The intention is to provide an inclusive narrative that showcases all women in mothering roles as being on the same team, working towards the common goal of raising happy, healthy and thriving children. Ultimately, the book aims to resonate with readers by portraying the shared experiences and humour inherent in the roller-coaster ride of family life, regardless of its unique composition.

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