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Lulu La Ru


Lulu La Ru  lived in her house on the hill.
Her life she thought perfect, yes she did
, until … she met a great fella with two little girls – Rosa with straight hair and Coco with curls. 

A step-mum she became, much to her surprise. Not sure what she’s doing, but goodness she tries! She’d lived all alone and was a teeny bit fancy when along they all came and UP, UPPED THE ANTE! 


It’s been lots of fun, getting where they are today. Here’s some of the adventures they had on the way. 


Lulu La Ru, a sassy and fun new step-mum is ready and willing for the challenges and adventures of her new life
Book cover for Volume 1 showing new step-mum, Lulu La Ru, and her new family

Lulu La Ru
Volume 1

However it finds you, motherhood is a whole new world. Meet Lulu La Ru -

a “Super Terrific Extra Parent” (also known as a S.T.E.P.-Mum).

She’s funny and sassy with a heart of gold and is embracing her new life with a sense of humour and a CAN DO attitude.

Come share in her hilarious adventures as she rides the crazy, up and down roller-coaster of family life. 

Meet the Characters

Lulu La Ru is a Super Terrific Extra Parent, also known as a step-mum who is embracing her new role with a sense of humour


She's a teeny bit fancy, she's funny and sassy;  LOVES yoghurt and dark chocolate; animals (especially dogs); flow-charts & spreadsheets;
a spic & span home; trying new things ... Oh, and yes, she likes "bling".

Not one for the limelight,  elusive Hugh lets his girls shine; he's quirky and funny, super-smart and so shy;  a Superman in trainers and a great ball of energy - he's always ready for a new adventure.

Quirky and funny Hugh loves the adventures he has with Lulu La Ru and the fun his blended family has


Rosa loves her step-mum and family dynamic and is ready for school and all it's adventures


Rosa's quiet and sweet and she loves anything pink ...
as well as flowers, fairies, butterflies, tutus, rainbows and glitter.


Cool and funky with a wicked sense of humour Coco's always the centre of the social scene; loves clothes, art, design and most of all ...


Coco is happy to have a step-mum as funny and organised as Lulu La Ru


Bob the Dog loves being part of such a happy, blended family

Bob the Dog

Loyal, goofy, clumsy and sweet; Bob's always up for a cuddle; loves cheese, riding in the car, and chewing socks.
He doesn't like the groomers!

watch this space!
Lulu La Ru
Volume 2


Lulu La Ru Volume 1 is a collection of hilarious adventures as a new step-mum dies the crazy roller-coaster of family life
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