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Gina Bartlett


Following a successful career spanning the legal, publishing and financial services industries, Gina embraced the opportunity to unleash her quirky sense of fun with these creative, perceptive and humorous stories on everyday family life. 

When not penning the latest adventures of her beloved character, Lulu La Ru, Gina loves nothing more than being active (hiking, biking and skiing), satisfying her addiction to yoghurt and dark chocolate (no, not together!) and obsessing over the spreadsheets and lists she endlessly creates in an attempt to keep her life and creative projects in perfect harmony (albeit with varying degrees of success). 

An intrepid traveller and true lover of nature, Gina is always planning a new adventure and will use any opportunity to escape and seek inspiration from the world around her. 

At home in Auckland, New Zealand, Gina leads a dynamic family life, sharing her journey with her highly energetic husband and two equally vivacious step-daughters. A chilled-out labradoodle rounds out the household, providing some calm amid the hustle and bustle.

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