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Look who’s talking about Lulu La Ru


Reviews and Interviews

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Chatting with Jesse Mulligan.

“Just learn to be yourself and you will find your role in the family and the children will help define it.”

Gina talks to Jesse about being a

What they’re saying in local news.

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“ The intention is to provide an inclusive narrative that showcases all women in mothering roles as being on the same team.”

From the Northern Advocate interview with Gina.


Super Terrific Extra Parents have numerous tough tasks on their hands. Based on her own experiences as a stepmother of two young girls.”


Rural Living Magazine, review,
April edition, page 35.


“ This is such a refreshing book. A lovely, kind, caring step-mum takes centre stage in an entertaining read that reveals the love and fun of being part of a blended family.”

NZ Booklovers, review.

NZ Booklovers, interview.


“ However it finds you, motherhood is a whole new world. Meet Lulu La Ru - a "Super Terrific Extra Parent" (also known as a S.T.E.P.-Mum). ”

Reviewer: Karen McMillan 

Moxie press.


“ A delightful book for 7-12 year olds and their families that follows the adventures (and hilarious misadventures!) of a new step-mum as she finds her special role in the family.

Grownups, promotion​.

Bobs books blog.png

“ A delightful short rhyming text novel about a glamorous wealthy young woman with a big house and no worries who suddenly becomes a Step-mum – a Super Terrific Extra parent.”

Bobs books blog, review.

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