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Get a Sneak Peek of Lulu La Ru: Read an Extract Now

Updated: Mar 13

This extract from Volume 1, entitled "Turning Right", always makes me laugh and is based on our first big family trip overseas. Given that, I too, like Lulu La Ru, was once a childless, successful, professional woman living a somewhat hedonistic and self-obsessed life - travelling with children made me realise I had indeed landed in a whole new world. Used to turning "left" on a plane and enjoying the luxury of Business Class, turning "right" was a revelation ... in more ways than one ... "Up the stairs they did climb, lugging backpacks and books - and teddies and blankets (they got some strange looks). Lulu La Ru, her face a picture of delight, turning to HORROR - instead of LEFT ... they turned RIGHT! To the left was the First Class - the champagne, the beds. To the right was the chaos - everything she dreads. Noisy and cramped, no room in the seats. Fish or chicken for dinner - THAT'S NOT WHAT SHE EATS!! ..." You'll have to read the full story in Volume 1, to find out what happens on her journey ;-)

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