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The Impact of Lulu La Ru: Changing Stereotypes, One Book at a Time

Updated: Mar 17

In a world where traditional family structures are evolving, it's important for children to see themselves and their families represented in the media. As a step-mum to two young girls, I grew frustrated that there were no books, movies or portrayals of happy step-families. Media and available resources tended to focus on the traditional family make-up, being that containing a biological mum and dad.

I have experienced first-hand my step-daughters' bewilderment at how step-mothers were, more often than not, portrayed as the mean, wicked party in the story, when their reality was the complete opposite. Not having a family model they could latch onto and resonate with has sometimes been particularly difficult. Hence the creation of Lulu La Ru! After talking to others, what began as a passion project purely for my family appeared to have wider appeal and interest. I realised there was a gap in the market for stories about a family that happened to have a step-parent as part of it, given that a growing number of children live in this family dynamic. For children growing up in blended families, seeing positive representations of step-mums can be incredibly empowering. Lulu La Ru not only normalizes the presence of step-mums but also celebrates the unique contributions they bring to a child's life. By showcasing the love and support within Lulu La Ru's family, I hope my books will help children understand that family is not defined by blood but by the love and care shared between individuals.

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